Men & the Church

Men are critical in God Kingdom Plan. The role they play at church is essential. Men come to church to find out what God has to say so that he … Continue Reading →

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Reaching my Destiny – Our Response to Detours

When God is ready to move you to the next spiritual level toward your destiny, things may get worse before they get better. You may not like that statement but … Continue Reading →

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Stand Firm: Never give up! Never retreat! Never surrender to the enemy!

We all want to discover God’s will for our lives, but once we discover it, that is not the end; it is only the beginning! Once you have your assignment from … Continue Reading →



Standing as a Leader in Midst of Broken Community..

.God is looking for the ONE he can use to save/model the society. The one who out of his/her own free will accepts the calling of God and love Him. … Continue Reading →

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Kingdom Man: It starts with you.

The “ONE” who is under the rule of God to influence the community and nation at large. When you follow this exemplary, the community, society and nation at large will … Continue Reading →

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A calling for a Kingdom Man

God is looking for someone: “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, … Continue Reading →

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Becoming an Effective Leader pt4 ( Kiongozi anaye Jali Mda): Value your Time

“If you don”t value your time no one else will”.  As  leaders you ought to be punctual. The Apostle Paul mention this when you  read Ephesians (5:15-17). Have a  habit … Continue Reading →

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Becoming an Effective Leader pt3 ( Kiongozi Mwenye Kibali Mbele za Mungu): Favor from God

.When you find Favor from the Lord to be a leader, the good news is the Lord will be with you to fulfill the vision, the people your leading will … Continue Reading →

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Becoming an effective Leader Pt 2 (Kiongozi Mwenye Maono): Visionary Leader

. Be directed with a clear vision & Know your potential to full fill your vision.. . This will help you to make proper plans for your vision.. . Hakikisha … Continue Reading →