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Becoming an effective Leader (Kiongozi Muadilifu): Be a role Model

.Train yourself so as people/followers can learn from you. .Jitengeneze uwe mfano wakuigwa

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How to become an Effective Leader: Self-Sacrifice

 .I learned this model from Jesus who once said if someone wants be first, let him be last and servant of all. .Leaders are exposed to many sacrifices in their … Continue Reading →


We are to be fruitful

.Every seed created by God has an ability to grow, bear fruits and multiply. Just as a seed we are meant to grow (gifts, talents, vision) and be fruitful so … Continue Reading →


You are the light of the World…

.Give light to those with no directions, help those who are in need, dedicate your time to help others preach good news to the poor and encourage the brokenhearted. .And … Continue Reading →

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Saved to Serve Others

. God’s plans in our lives is bigger than we think, we are meant to serve others in many areas as we Can. .We are Saved by Grace through faith, at … Continue Reading →

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Good Works

.We are created with great potential within us, In fact we are meant to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. .When we re-connect with … Continue Reading →


Transforming Problems into Opportunities – Tech Business

.“Our mission is to help reduce youth unemployment by creating one job at a time, for each task posted on our platform… Perseverance is the key”. .Technology is rapidly changing … Continue Reading →

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When we discover our true calling as Leaders we become a perfect Link

. I love the story of Moses which its found in the Bible in the Book of Exodus. At one point God was so angry with the children of Israel … Continue Reading →

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Lets be Good News Ambassadors

. So as we can be role models and help our brothers and sisters become better citizen. .When we share the good news of Jesus Christ and his love, we … Continue Reading →